A Ménage À Trois For Two

For adventurous couples seeking even greater levels of excitement, sharing IDA™ together promises the best sex of your lives.

LELO IDA Deep Rose
  • LELO IDA Deep Rose
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A remote-controlled couples’ vibrator worn by women when making love. IDA™ lets you share powerful vibrations and intense rotations within.

Ida Deep Rose
Deep Rose

1-Year Warranty & 10 Year Guarantee

Ordering today registers you for full LELO warranty coverage. This means if you experience issues within 1-year of purchase, LELO will replace your product free of charge. In addition, if your product becomes faulty within 10-years, you will be entitled to 50% discount on www.lelo.com for the purchase of a new device (limited for one-time use only but can be applied up to 5 items in a single order). All PicoBong products similarly carry a 1-Year Warranty, but do not fall under the 10 Year Guarantee. Full coverage details can be found within your product's packaging.

Up Close & Personal

IDA™ is all about choice. Defined by the creativity and exploration it allows: IDA doesn’t tell you how to use it, it lets you and your partner choose together. Its slender arm can be slipped inside and the powerful vibrations and rotations wirelessly controlled, so there’s no awkward fumbling and no disruption to your pleasure. Worn during slow, intimate lovemaking, it will tease your G-spot and his length simultaneously.

Vital Statistics

Worn by Couples for Even More Satisfying Sex
IDA™ vibrates and rotates inside to bring intense stimulation for both partners

Remote-Controlled for Extra Adventure
SenseMotion™ remote to explore sensations freely with no interruption in pleasure

Soft & Flexible for any Position You Choose
IDA™ is silky smooth and bends to complement your bodies in all your favorite positions

Fully Rechargeable

More power, less fuss

100% Waterproof

Perfect for the bath or shower

8 Pleasure Settings

From a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse

Rotations Within

Satisfying swirling sensations

Hands-On Experience

There’s no limit to the satisfying ways you can use IDA™. Because it’s flexible, it’ll sit comfortably inside you in any position while your partner’s inside too, stimulating both of you and offering an intense and tight sensation.

Serving Suggestion

Get Started

Set the mood. Touch, kiss, stroke, laugh, begin to explore each other’s bodies.

Get Closer

Let the sensations begin to engulf you. Let the excitement build slowly, teasingly.

Get There Together

Allow your passion and the sensations to overwhelm you, then enjoy the afterglow.


There is a sexy, sensual ritual to opening a LELO box: it’s a celebration of pleasure, the ultimate expression of indulgence and excitement. Share it wisely, often, and with care.

  • IDA™ Couples Massager
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • USB-Charging Cord
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 2xAAA batteries for Remote
  • Materials: Body-safe silicone / ABS
  • Finish: Matte
  • Size: 165 x 35 x 33mm / 6.5 x 1.4 x 1.3 in.
  • Diameter: 37.8mm / 1.5in.
  • Insertable Length: 95mm / 3.7in.
  • Weight: 79g / 2.8oz.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 920mAh 3.7V
  • Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA
  • User Time: 2 hrs
  • Standby: Up to 90 days(Pleasure Object)
  • Max. Noise Level: 50dB
  • Interface: Single Button
  • Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz
LELO IDA reviews

Pillow Talk

LELO IDA reviews
  • 5
    16th Sep 2016

    Ida delights


    The only complaint about this product would be that it took painfully long to be delivered. It was ordered as a surprise for my wife and several days were spent watching for our mail to arrive. When it finally came, I snuck Ida onto the charger. I was excited as this was our first pleasure object and even more upon seeing the look on my wife’s face when she saw the package. I had to run some errands and left them to get acquainted. On my return, it was quite obvious that they had become friends. Our first experience took longer to get Ida positioned, but with practice it became easier. The action and sensations Ida produces are amazing. I’ve enjoyed my wife’s squirting orgasms during oral sex and sometimes intercourse throughout our marriage, but she gushed when we climaxed with Ida! It’s powerful and the remote control is convenient. The colors are pleasing as well as the way it feels.
    I had heard about the joys of prostate orgasms, but had never experienced anything so avant garde. Browsing the objects lelo offers for men made me feel a bit sheepish, yet aroused and curious. Too timid to order a male pleasure object initially, but so fascinated by the demo videos that while lying in bed, I couldn’t resist. Ida went in comfortably and gave me pleasure in a way never experienced. My wife woke up, took over the remote and began giving me the best fellatio of my life thus far. The orgasm was intense and felt like it started from deep inside. She said the volume of ejacultion was also quite large. Ida broke me in so well that anal stimulation is becoming a regular part of our bedroom activities. I got over my inhibition and ordered a Hugo!
    We’re beyond thrilled with Ida and Lelo as well. Wonderful products and helpful customer service. Thank you!

    24th Aug 2016

    Happy wife!


    I got this as a surprise for my husband and it has gone down a charm! Very happy :)

    16th Jun 2016

    Great toy, but perhaps not for everyone


    Ida is very well built and the remote control is great. It was very easy to understand the modes of operation and a real treat to be able to adjust intensity of the vibration by tilting the remote as opposed to pressing buttons. Unfortunately there were some downsides. The fit was not great for my wife as the base did not make good contact with her clitoris. It also felt a bit awkward at least on our first try to use together. I'm hoping more practice yields better results there, but the fit issue unfortunately can't be solved. I look forward to an improved design that would solve the fit issue - I would definitely buy the upgrade.

  • 3
    28th May 2016



    Not as great as i was hoping. The unit itself needs more powerful vibrations but the biggest issue for me is the fit, it does not want to stay in place unless my hubby remains in the missionary position , just does not fit my body that well. May not be and issue for other women. Perhaps the next upgrade could have a flexible joint in the bend that stays in place so women can adjust the fit.
    Seemed to work really well for hubby, the motion was like an oral sensation for him and was double the pleasure.!!

    13th May 2016

    Wife loves it!!!


    My wife and I have had this toy for over a year now and my wife loves it!!! We use it during sex and while it doesn't do a lot for me the fact that she squirms and cums even more than normal does make it better for me!!! She also likes it when I make her use it when we go out, I control the remote and she tries to control her orgasms. Men if you love your wife and want her to enjoy sex as much as possible get this toy for her it will at the least spice things up in a very good way.

    11th Mar 2016

    Great couples toy, can be


    Great couples toy, can be controlled remotely while playing with her body, but also while I get inside, despite that can get a bit tricky. Position from behind seems to be bit more suitable as external part of Ida can be a bit in the way of pubic bone. Other than that I recommend getting Ida.

  • 5
    29th Nov 2015

    Couples toy


    The greatest couple toy made.

    9th Aug 2015

    Best couples toy yet


    My husband and I bought this and it is awesome!! It took a minute to get a handle on how the sensemotion works on the remote control--and I'm still not 100% sure I'm using that part of it correctly-- but it didn't matter. The fit wasn't strange at all and caused no discomfort for either of us. This is a must try is you want a high quality, amazing toy to use during sex.

    8th Feb 2015

    I bought this when my


    I bought this when my boyfriend expressed some interest in getting a couples toy and I must admit, I was a bit dubious beforehand but oh my, Ida proved me wrong. This has brought us so much closer together, we've never had intimacy like this before!

  • 4
    7th Jun 2015

    This blew our minds


    My girlfriend bought this as a surprise for us to try, and I was a little unsure about it at first, but it was AMAZING! It was a bit awkward at the beginning, with some discomfort. We kept having to adjust it, but when we found the the right position and fit -- it was dynamite!

    22nd Jan 2015

    Saved my marriage!


    The Lelo Ida changed my life. My husband and I were on the brink of divorce, never communicating, always fighting. But one day I walked into a shop, bought Ida, and decided to restore our intimacy, helping us in and out of the bedroom. Ida helped our marriage, and taught me how to have an orgasm for the first time, at 32 years old.

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